247500 Rail Pressure Plausibility

Fault code 247500 rail pressure plausibility quantity-controlled positive control deviation/rail pressure too low store in control module. when engine control module recieve signal of low fuel pressure in fuel supply line. Rail pressure sensor is located on the fuel rail, which is used to measure the fuel pressure in fuel rail. When fuel pressure sensor sens low pressure of fuel in fuel rail. Fuel rail pressure sensor send signal in terms of low or high voltage to the engine control module (ECU). ECU monitor this voltage difference from rail pressure sensor and set fault code. When fault code 247500 store it mean there is a low pressure of fuel. Which can be happen because of several reasons.A faulty fuel pump, Fuel pump relay or fuse , faulty high pressure fuel pump, faulty fuel pressure regulator also failure of rail pressure sensor.

Most probably this fault code store in control module at high RPM about 3000 or at high speed. This could be happen due to weak fuel pump which is present inside fuel tank. Because when fuel engine get rev up fuel pump need to fill the requirement of fuel in the engine as per the engine rev up. But when fuel pump is week it does not support to fill the requirement of fuel at high RPM or at high speed. due to which this kind of fault code could be store in engine control module which are realted to low fuel pressure in the system.

Low pressure fuel pump in bmw f10

How to diagnose 247500 :

Whenever there is a fault of low fuel pressure in the fuel supply system. It involve many parts and sensor which are present in the function of fuel supply till fuel injector or nojjle. First thing to be check in this problem is fuel pump (low pressure fuel pump) which is present inside of fuel tank and fuel pump relay or fuse. If fuel pump is turning ON at ignition or at engine cranking and making enough fuel pressure.

Than check the fuel pressure after fuel filter,If the fuel pressure does not match the require fuel pressure. then change the fuel filter or low pressure of fuel pump.

fuel filter in bmw f10

Then check the pressure of fuel after high pressure pump, if fuel pressure does not match the require fuel pressure then change the High Pressure Fuel pump. If the pressure of fuel is good after high pressure pump.

high pressure pump in bmw f10

Then check signal of fuel pressure regulator sensor or fuel rail pressure sensor by scop or by scane tool that can let you know the failure of regulator sensor.

fuel rail pressure sensor in bmw

A faulty fuel rail pressure sensor can also set this fault code.

How Risky is to derive with 247500 :

Driving with fault code 247500 is not highly risky as it will only make power loss. 247500 alway pop up on screen at high speed or high RPM about 3000. So it is not too risky to drive with this fault code.

Driving at slow speed will not creat any fault code at this situation. Because driving at low speed will require low fuel pressure. But driving at high speed can cause fault code to store as high speed require more fuel pressure.

Cause of 247500 rail pressure plausibility quantity-controlled :

Faulty low pressure fuel pump.

internal failure of fuel pump relay.

Block fuel filter.

Mechanical failure of high pressure pump.

Failure of fuel pressure regulator sensor.

Faulty fuel rail pressure sensor.

Symptoms :

Engine light will illuminate at high RPM at about 3000.

Loss of power at high speed.

Fault code will store in engine control module.

Solution 247500 rail pressure plausibility quantity-controlled :

Replace faulty low pressure fuel pump.

Change block fuel filter.

Replace faulty fuel pump relay.

Repair Or replace high pressure fuel pump.

Replace fuel pressure regulator.

Change faulty rail pressure sensor with new one.

Special note :

Fault code 247500 can be difficult to diagnose. So before replacing any unit in fuel supply system. Follow the Diagnosis procedure given Above so that you will save your time or money as well.

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